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North Korea -> Mt. Myohyang
Mt. Myohyang     
Phyonganbuk-Do Province

The Myohyang Mountains are one of the five celebrated mountains in Korea (along with . They are a pleasant 93 mi. / 150 km. drive northeast from Pyongyang through the Yoldusamcholli Plain, known as the “granary of the western coast” of Korea, past the Yonphung Reservoir, the “sea in the mountains,” and finally alongside the Chongchon River, noted for its clear blue waters. The name Myohyang derives from the scent of the omnipresent juniper plants. There are many peaks in the Myohyang mountains but the highest is Piro Peak at 6,262 ft. / 1,909 m. There are also many scenic hiking trails through the Myohyang mountain area.

It is reported the President Kim Il Sung himself, who made over 30 trips to the area, wanted it preserved without major development and that anything there would be built in harmony with nature. He is supposed to have denied permission for a gold mine to operate in the area, showing that the scenic beauty was more valuable than gold.

It can take from 1.5-2 hours to reach Hyangsan by road, a tourist town where the Chongchon and the Myohyang rivers converge. About 3 mi. / 5 km. past the town is the pyramidal shaped Hyangsan Hotel set amidst the beautiful mountain scenery along the Myohyang River.

The following poem is attributed to Kim Il Sung, October 15, 1979:

“Myohyang Mountains on an Autumn Day”
On the balcony, I see the most
glorious scene in the world
Myohang mountains have been famous
for its beauty since time immemorial.
The exhibition stands here,
its green eaves upturned, to exalt
The dignity of the nation,
and Piro Peak looks higher still,
Every autumn, every mountain
across the land is dyed crimson.
In the new age of the worker’s party,
the sun is more glorious.
Oh, these beautiful leaves
have turned redder,
And embroider a new history
on this land.
The country, ruined by cringing
and subjected to so much suffering,
Is now thronged by goodwill missions
from all lands.
This pride, which the nation has never felt
in five thousand years,
Will go down to posterity,
Along with the glorious land.

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