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Pyongyang Municipality

As the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly called North Korea, Pyongyang is the primary gateway for most international visitors to enter the DPRK. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. Its location in the flatlands along the Taedong River gives rise to its name meaning “flat land” or “cozy place.”

Pyongyang is an ancient city with a history dating back more than 5,000 years. It is reputed to be the capital of King Tangun, the possibly mythological founder of the Korean nation and people. It first came to prominence in 427 BC when it became the capital of the Koguryo Kingdom (277-668 BC) founded by King Tongmyong (259-298 BC.)

Pyongyang is the major tourist center in North Korea with many interesting museums, monuments and historical relics. It has several acrobatic troupes and other performing arts troupes. The unique Arirang performances are held in Pyongyang in the gigantic May Day Stadium which holds 150,000 spectators. Pyongyang is the birthplace of the late President Kim Il Sung as well as his final resting place.

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PYONGYANG by the Numbers

Pyongyang: means "flat land", "plain" or "cozy place"

Located in Pyongyang Municipality (or "si"), equivalent to a province.
Municipal/Provincial Capital: Pyongyang City

Municipal/Provincial Area: 795 sq. mi. / 2,113 sq. km. Municipal/Provincial Rank: 10th out of 13 provinces in North Korea

Municipal/Provincial Population: 2,741,260 Municipal/Provincial Rank: 4th out of 13 provinces in North Korea

Municipal/Provincial Population Density: 3,448 per sq. mi. / 1,297 per sq. km. Municipal/Provincial Rank: 1st out of 13 provinces in North Korea

Pyongyang Area: 795 sq. mi. / 2,113 sq. km. Pyongyang Rank: 1st city in North Korea

Pyongyang Population: 2,741,260 Pyongyang Rank: 1st city in North Korea

Pyongyang Elevation: 125 ft. / 38 m. Pyongyang Latitude and Longitude: 39 degrees North; 125.8 degrees East

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