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Pohyon Temple   
Mt. Myohyang,

The Pohyon Temple was founded in the Sangwon Valley in 1042 AD during the Koryo period. It is named after the Buddhist saint Pohyon who was in charge of the “morals of Buddha.” Originally it had 24 buildings and pagodas and was a major center for propagating Buddhism in this area of Korea.

The temple complex was almost completely destroyed by bombings during the Korean War. Several of the main structures have been rebuilt, including a new Archive Hall to house the third printing of the Buddhist scriptures to have been printed between 1236 and 1251 AD on 80,000 wood blocks (now in the Haeinsa Temple near Daegu in South Korea.)

In April, 1592 a Japanese army over 200,000 strong invaded Korea and occupied Pyongyang. The Great Priest Sosan, at age 73, who was residing at Pohyon Temple, led a volunteer unit of monks that recaptured Pyongyang from the Japanese. He then returned to the Pohyon Temple and died there in 1604 at age 85.

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