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Arirang Performance   
PYONGYANG, Pyongyang Municipality

The Arirang Mass Performance is a highlight of any trip to North Korea. This spectacular extravaganza takes place in the May Day Stadium on Rungnado Island, seating 150,000 spectators, the largest in the world. There are over 100,000 performers during the 90 minute performance. The official name for these performances is, “Grand Mass Gymnastic and Artistic Performance ‘Arirang.’” It is sometimes erroneously called the "Mass Games" but it is not a game, there are no teams, no winner, no losers, only beautiful and artistic performers. There is no other show like this in the world causing it to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The program consists of several “acts”, each with several “scenes”. Each scene features a backdrop consisting of over 20,000 middle school students from a half-dozen local schools on one side of the stadium using large colored cards to create beautiful backdrop images. The result looks like a giant pixilated photograph. Additionally tens of thousands of dancers, singers, musicians, gymnasts and other artists perform in the open area of the stadium, all dressed in beautiful costumes and in perfect synchronization, reflecting the values of the society.

There are a variety of pricing options for spectators ranging from more than €300 (about US$450) for VIP seats, to €150 (about US$225) for 1st class, €100 (about US$150) for 2nd class, €50 (about US$75 for 3rd class seats. Even though it is a lot of money we highly recommend the €150 seats due to their central location, excellent for viewing and photography.

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