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Children's Palace - Mangyongdae    PYONGYANG, Pyongyang Municipality

The Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace was opened in May 2, 1989 as a “comprehensive extracurricular educational center for schoolchildren.” It consists of an eight-story central building and various annex buildings totaling over 1,108,000 sq. ft. / 103,000 sq. m. The annexes house a science block, an art block, a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool and a 2,000 seat theater. There are 690 rooms for various purposes including music and dance practice rooms, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, computer science, automotive, machine tool, sports, etc.

Over 12,000 pupils visit the palace each day, cared for by over 500 teachers and several hundred more lecturers and assistants. The shape of the building is that of encircling arms, with a statue of a “Flower Carriage of Happiness” in the center.

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