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North Korea -> PYONGYANG -> King Tongmyong's Tomb
King Tongmyong's Tomb   
PYONGYANG, Pyongyang Municipality

The Tomb of King Tongmyong is located about 22 km. south of downtown Pyongyang. King Tongmyong (259-298 BC) was the founder of the Koguryo kingdom which was the most powerful state in the history of Korea lasting from 277 BC to 668 AD.

Pyongyang became the Koguryo capital in 427 and the King’s mausoleum was moved to its present site which covers 170 hectares. The site includes the Jongrung Temple, originally consisting of 18 buildings, where prayers were said for the deceased king.

Surrounding the mausoleum are 19 other tombs of generals, ministers and scholars of the Koguryo. The tomb was looted by “foreign invaders”, presumably the Japanese during their occupation, but was reconstructed in May, 1993.

Kim Il Sung is quoted as saying, “The tomb of King Tongmyong is the tomb of the founder-king of Koguryo and an invaluable historical remain showing the history and cultural traditions of our country.”

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