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West Sea Barrage   
Nampo, Hwanghaenam-Do Province

The West Sea Barrage is located 10 mi./15 km. from Nampo itself. The barrage, or dike, stretches for 5 mi./8 km. across the Taedong River estuary separating the salt water from the fresh water.

Completed on June 24, 1986 after five years of construction by soldiers of the Korean Peoples Army, the barrage has three locks capable of handling 2,000 to 50,000 ton ships, 36 sluice gates, a swing bridge, a railway and a highway. The barrage today provides water for irrigation, industrial uses and drinking. It is also provides a scenic traffic route along the coast.

The main dam also has three fish ladders to permit the movement of fish between the fresh and salt water. There is also a hydrologic and oceanographic research center. A 82 mi./132 km. long West Sea Barrage-Sinchon-Kangryong-Ongjin waterway has also been completed to provide much needed irrigation water to tens of thousands of acres of farmland and reclaimed tideland.

The West Sea Barrage is also featured in photos of former US President Jimmy Carter during his June, 1994 visit to North Korea.

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