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Chollima Statue   
PYONGYANG, Pyongyang Municipality

The Chollima Statue was inaugurated on April 15, 1961 on the occasion of the 49th birthday of President Kim Il Sung. The statue is 46 m. high from its base to the highest point, and the sculpture itself is 14 m. high and 16 m long.

The Chollima was a winged horse said to cover 1,000 ri (about 400 km) in a day and represents “…the heroic mettle and indominatable spirit of our people who are making ceaseless innovations and continuous advances in the spirit of Chollima…” After the devastation of the Korean War the Korean people had to rebuild everything from scratch. It was said that they had to take ten steps forward when others took one step, and one hundred steps when others took ten steps. This led President Kim Il Sung to exhort the people to create an upsurge in socialist construction under the slogan “rush at the speed of Chollima.”

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